This members-only tutorial provides the steps to display the sub fields of a repeater field set to appear on user profile pages in a custom Welcome Page for logged in users when using Oxygen.

ACF field group

Repeater populated on a user profile page

Custom user Welcome page showing the filled ACF Repeater data

Step 1

Install and activate ACF Pro.

Step 2

Custom Fields โ†’ Add New.

Create a new field group having a Repeater field with your desired sub fields.

Choose a appropriate location (under User) where this group should appear.


Step 3

Get the field group populated either by the users or you, as the admin.

The fields should be visible both at the time of creating new users as well as editing existing ones.

Step 4

Let us add a code snippet to redirect admins to the dashboard and other users to /welcome when they log in.

Install and activate Code Snippets plugin.

Go to Snippets > Add New.

Title: Redirect admins to the dashboard and other users to /welcome


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3 comments on “ACF User Repeater Fields on a Custom User Profile page in Oxygen”

  1. Do you know of a way to pull the image url from the acf options page in oxygen? I’m trying to simply add a background image via dynamic data, but it seems to return a ID, no matter what.
    I have found a workaround by just using php on a div in oxygen, like this..

    <div class="og-hero" style="background-image: url('’);”>

    .. But this approach means I can’t use the background overlay feature.
    Any Ideas?


      1. Hey! Yes, I use the get_field and the_field in order to pull from the options page. I’ll give the custom function method a go, as it looks like it works from your tutorial. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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