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Develop custom solutions in WordPress using Oxygen

Full access to exclusive members-only tutorials on how to develop custom solutions in WordPress using Oxygen.
Full access
Access to the full library of current and future premium members-only content.
Save hours of dev time
Build quicker with hundreds of Oxygen specific code snippets & instructions on hand.
Easy to follow tutorials
Step-by-step tutorials & support available if you need help with implementing.
Instant access. Cancel anytime.
One-time payment. Unlimited lifetime access
Tutorial requests
While members are free to request tutorials via email or in the Facebook group, there is no guarantee we will be covering all of them.
Membership termination
You should not share the membership i.e., either tutorials and/or account login with others. If we come to know that you are sharing the account information with others and/or engaging in Group Buys, we have the right to terminate your membership account with no refund.
Membership tier change
If you wish to switch to a lifetime account and have already paid monthly for at least four months, we can create a custom coupon code for you equivalent to a maximum of 1 of your most recent monthly payment amount. Contact us.
Refund policy
We can refund your one most recent payment only a) if the tutorial does not work after following the instructions and b) you have contacted us via the support form and given us a chance to help you and c) we are unable to make it work or resolve the problem.
Oxygen support
Tech support on Oxygen issues is not included in the membership. Please refer to the official Oxygen support team.