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I just took the subscription to watch and learn better coding and implementing smarter solutions to my Oxygen builds. It is worth the investment! After my purchase Sridhar helped me very well with a query for a custom post type.... Read more »

Vince Balk

Founder VBWP

To say that the tutorials found here on WPDevDesign are extremely helpful would be the understatement of the decade. Sridhar’s contributions to the Oxygen Builder and WordPress communities are immensely valuable, often making the difference between finishing a project or... Read more »

Ray Mitchell

Founder, Gravimetric

WPDevDesign has been a lifesaver and timesaver for me on many occasions. Oxygen Builder is already powerful but this just gives it a huge boost. It’s definitely one of the best investments I’ve made in my business.

Gerson L.

Founder, GSL Web Solutions

WPDevDesign has been a key resource since I joined in 2018. Navigating Oxygen and the power it holds can quickly be overwhelming, but it became a breeze with the many tutorials provided here. Best of all, Sridhar and David both... Read more »

Sasha-Shae Weekes

Visual Design Strategist – freshmedleydesigns.com

Super impressed with WPDevDesign! I was on the fence about signing up because I’m not one to sign up to memberships but I’ve been blown away by the amount of content and wish I’d signed up sooner! Not only that,... Read more »

Shannon Payne

Web Developer at www.shannonpayne.com.au

I have been a member of Wp Dev Design since December 2018, I immediately loved Oxygen Builder and with the WpDev tutorials I gave that extra edge to all the products I build for my customers !! Irreplaceable!!

Alessandro Cipriani

Founder at magiaslab.com

I subscribed to WPDevDesign in Oct 2018 and have never regretted doing so. I’ve learned so much and received great support when there was something I didn’t understand. It’s my go to site whenever I have an Oxygen/WP related problem... Read more »

Roy Hornsby

I cannot begin to tell you how much time WPDevDesign has saved me with development hours. It is the Google to my development resources. I always search WPDD first before checking other resources. Sri and David are hands-down some of... Read more »

Chris Seifert

Founder of Portseif.io

I started my web career way before WPDevDesign, but never went too deep with code. Then I found Oxygen. And this site. When I signed up 2 years ago, I didn’t think I would have much use of it, but... Read more »

Gabriel Untura

Freelancer Developer - untura.com

As a non-developer, the tutorials from WPDevDesign have dramatically helped me fix complex problems on WordPress. While most of the tutorials are for Oxygen Builder, there are other general tutorials that can’t be found elsewhere on the internet. WPDevDesign is... Read more »

Vance Wong

Digital Marketer

I congratulate Sridhar and the whole team. In addition to being one of the pillars of the community, always ready to help, I found his tutorials to be of immense value. You will find a solution for every problem. And... Read more »

Rodolfo Rizzo

WPDevDesign is my go-to for Oxygen tutorials. Before I jump on Google or into any of my Oxygen FB groups with questions I always check WPDevDesign first because there’s a good chance Sridhar has already written a tutorial that addresses... Read more »


Web Designer and Developer, jillianadriana.com

For me Wpdevdesign has been the started of my journey with oxygen as well as wordpress for 5 years and will always be, there are many solutions and ideas which I can keep exploring and learning for different scenarios and... Read more »


Founder of Gozie Ltd.

WP Dev Design is quite a uniquely dependable resource along with an thriving  community on Facebook to learn advanced WordPress methods, tips & tricks, focused on Oxygen Builder, which add super powers to our skills and understanding. Will recommend to... Read more »

Gorakh Sirsikar

Vice-président, The Nickelwala Group

I invested early in Sridhar Katakam and later, by extension, Davide Browne. Their tutorials and plugins will take your design to the next level while also adding to your coding repertoire. Also, Sridhar and David are two of the smartest... Read more »

Chris Akins

Owner, Akins Creative

The development of the OxyMade framework and the design sets is not without its challenges. I usually go to WP Dev Design when I am looking for a solution to something. Whether it’s a simple design problem or a complex... Read more »


Founder of Oxymade.com

I’ve only used a handful of these great tutorials so far and they’ve been worth the fee on their own. It’s excellent and there’s loads of it.


Founding Director, Creative Wellbeing UK

Wpdevdesign is a fantastic resource, it helps me whenever I need to implement new features for my sites. Highly recommended!


If there’s ever anything I can figure out about Oxygen Builder, I always turn to WPDevDesign first. They almost always have the answer I’m looking for — and if they don’t, Sridhar is always willing to lend a hand from... Read more »


Creative Director at BAMF.co

The WPDevDesign tutorials almost always respond to direct requests and anticipated requests from our group members.  They are invaluable and very much appreciated.

Mike Smith

Web Dev at SIOMI.com.au