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Published on May 9, 2020

Author Archives in Oxygen

Sridhar Katakam

This tutorial provides the steps to display posts by authors on their archive pages automatically in Oxygen.

Screenshot of sample URL: https://example.com/author/johndoe/

Step 1

Go to Oxygen > Templates and add a new Template.

Set it to inherit from your Main Catch All Template that has the sitewide header, inner content and footer.

Set it to apply to archive pages of all authors.

If you have a generic archive Template set this Template’s priority to 1.

Step 2

Edit the Template with Oxygen.

a) [Optional] Add a Section having a Heading component that shows something like “Posts by <author’s display name>”.

For showing the author’s display name dynamically, position the cursor where it should be shown, click Insert Data button in the top toolbar, and select Display Name under Author.

b) Next, add another Section having an Easy Posts component.

Leave the Query as default.

Adjust Template PHP and CSS as needed.