This members-only tutorial provides the steps to register a custom "Month" condition in Oxygen using which elements can be set to be output (or not be output) during specific month(s).

For example, if you set the following for a Section, the Section will be output or printed on the front end only when the page is being viewed on any day of September of the current year.

Step 1

Install and activate Code Snippets plugin.

Go to Snippets > Add New.

Title: [Condition] Month


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One comment on “[Condition] Month”

  1. You may want to consider different languages, too, because by default PHP spits out the months in English. If you want to use – say – German ones, you’d first have to tell PHP to use that format/language.

    Example of some code I used for a different purpose.

    $dt = strtotime(‘2019-03-22’);
    $formatter = new IntlDateFormatter(‘de_DE’, IntlDateFormatter::LONG, IntlDateFormatter::NONE);
    $formatter->setPattern(‘d. MMMM yyyy’);
    echo $formatter->format($dt);
    // Outputs 22. März 2019

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