In this members-only tutorial, I show how to

  • use Advanced Custom Fields Pro to register a `slides` repeater field having slide_image, slide_content, button_text and button_url sub fields
  • output these in a Code Block element inside an section of Oxygen
  • load and initialize responsive Owl jQuery carousel on the code block
  • add CSS to style the slider arrows, CTA button etc.


  1. Pro version of Advanced Custom Fields
  2. The ability to upload files to a plugin directory. This needs to be done via cPanel file manager or a FTP client.

Step 1

Install and activate my custom functionality plugin.

Upload owl.carousel.min.css and owl.theme.default.min.css to the plugin's assets/css directory and owl.carousel.min.js to plugin's assets/js directories via a FTP client.

Step 2

Install and activate ACF Pro.

Step 3

Let's load the CSS and JS files of Owl on the page where the slider is to be shown (homepage in this example), register a custom size for images in the slider and enable ACF settings page.

Edit plugin's plugin.php file.

Replace the code inside custom_enqueue_files() with:

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6 comments on “Custom slider in Oxygen using ACF and Owl carousel”

  1. i followed your tutorial, and now it works, i changed the php code because i don’t need a options_page, and now i wanna know, how can i put the content and the button straight in the middle of the whole slider like an overlay?

    1. Make these changes:

      1) Change PHP code to:

          if ( have_rows( 'slides' ) ) {
              while ( have_rows( 'slides' ) ) {
                  $image = get_sub_field( 'slide_image' );
                  $slide_content = get_sub_field( 'slide_content' );
                  $button_text = get_sub_field( 'button_text' );
                  $button_url = get_sub_field( 'button_url' );
                  echo '<div class="slide">';
                      printf( '<div class="slide-image"><img src="%s" alt="%s" /></div>',
                      echo '<div class="slide-overlay">';
                          if ( $slide_content ) {
                              echo '<div class="slide-content">' . $slide_content . '</div>';
                          if ( $button_url ) {
                              printf( '<div class="slide-cta"><a href="%s" class="button">%s</a></div>', $button_url, $button_text );
                      echo '</div>';
                  echo '</div>';
          } else {
              // no rows found.

      2) Add

      @media only screen and (min-width: 768px) {
        .slide {
          position: relative;
        .slide-overlay {
          color: #fff;
          background-color: rgba(35, 44, 57, 0.9);
          position: absolute;
          top: 50%;
          left: 50%;
          -webkit-transform: translate(-50%, -50%);
          transform: translate(-50%, -50%);
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