As of Oxygen 2.2.1, there is no built-in provision for adding data attributes to elements.

While my earlier tutorial on this topic did provide a working solution to this, it is clunky compared to the simplicity of the method in this article.

We can add a Code Block and utilize jQuery’s attr property like this:

$('#link_text-19-224').attr('data-featherlight', '#lightbox');


In your Oxygen Template/editor, add a Code Block component at the end of all others.


	// echo "hello world!";


(function($) {
'use strict';

	$('#link_text-19-224').attr('data-featherlight', '#lightbox');


Replace link_text-19-224 with the ID of your element.

With the above code in place, we are telling the browser to wait until the webpage (DOM – Document Object Model) loads and then run the code inside an anonymous function that takes in jQuery as a parameter and runs the code replacing all instances of $ with the passed parameter, jQuery.

Info on use strict can be seen here.

For adding data attributes to multiple elements, simply add more lines like this:

(function($) {
'use strict';

	$('#section-2-224').attr('data-lax-preset', 'spin fadeInOut');
	$('#link_text-19-224').attr('data-featherlight', '#lightbox');


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5 comments on “Data attributes in Oxygen”

    1. Data attributes are some times necessary to be added to elements to do certain tasks like launching lightboxes, setting up scrolling animations etc.

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