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[I'm coming from Elementor]

I like the repeater from Oxygen. But in Elementor i created a Saved Template (inner item loop) to embed in the Grid Loop.

Is it possible to do that on Oxygen ?

So i can in one template/Re useable change the css/position and it will be change to every page who "embed" this template...


In Elementor I can make Loop item Template (Globally) so when i create a loop i can embed this template. So if i change my mind i can change this template and it will change all around the website where this loop item it used.

Whilst not a Repeater, this can be done by defining a custom function that returns a preset loop content and calling this function in the Easy Posts Template PHP, then converting the Easy Posts component into a Re-usable followed by inserting editable instances of this Re-usable.

The built-in presets feature of Easy Posts is not ideal in this scenario since it is not possible to edit a preset at one place and have all Easy Posts components that use that preset get automatically updated.

Let's take a look at the details in this premium members-only tutorial.

Step 1

Create a function that returns our desired loop content - in this example, linked image and linked title.

Install and activate Code Snippets plugin.

Go to Snippets > Add New.

Title: [Function] EasyPosts Template PHP - Image and Title


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