Looking to add a sidebar to a template in Oxygen?

Watch this screencast:


  1. Use a plugin like WooSidebars (I recommend this) or Content Aware Sidebars to create a widget area called say, “Primary Sidebar”.

  2. Edit your template and in between the header and footer, add a Section (optional but helps to control the width of the content area + sidebar), inside that a Columns element. Add Inner Content element in the left div and Sidebar element in the right div.

Here’s the structure of the template we are aiming for:

Added on August 01, 2018:

You might want to assign a class of say sidebar to the div where you’ve added your sidebar and add this CSS to remove the bullets for the widgets;

.sidebar .widget {
    list-style-type: none;

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  • Sridhar, can you show how to do this? .sidebar .widget {
    list-style-type: none;

    I’ve tried and it doesn’t remove the bullet point.

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