This tutorial provides the steps to set up a Posts page in Oxygen.

Step 1

By default, the list of Posts will appear on site’s homepage in WordPress.

If you want them to appear on say, or do these steps:

a) Enable pretty permalinks by going to Settings > Permalinks. Select “Post name” and save changes.

b) Create a Page titled say, Home and another titled “Blog” or “News”.

We will go with Blog in this example.

c) Go to Settings > Reading.

Set your homepage to display a static page.

Select Home as the Homepage and Blog as the Posts page.

Step 2

Let’s create a Template for our Posts page.

Go to Oxygen > Templates.

Add a new Template.

Give it a title of say, “Blog” and Publish it.

Set it to inherit from your Main Catch All Template.

Then under “Other”, tick “Blog Posts Index”.

You may have to set a Priority of 1 if you have a generic Template that applies to all Archives.

Click on Update.

Step 3

Edit the Template with Oxygen.

Add a Section.

[Optional] Inside the Section, add a Heading and change the text to say, “Our Blog”.

Next, add an Easy Posts element (under Helpers).

Add any other element of your liking.

Save the Template.

That’s it!

Your site’s homepage or /blog (depending on how you have it configured in Step 1) should now display a grid of all the blog posts.

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  • Thanks for this useful tutorial!
    I have a question regarding Step 2, please help me to see clearly.
    What is the difference between Other / ‘Blog Posts Index’ and Archive / ‘All Archives’ under the ‘WHERE DOES THIS TEMPLATE APPLY’ section?

    • All Archives are exactly that. That Template would apply to all the archive pages. Ex.: Posts page, Category archives, Tag archives, Date archives, Author archives etc.

      Blog Posts Index Template applies to only the Posts page.

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