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Published on Jul 21, 2018

How to remove the padding for Column divs in Oxygen

Sridhar Katakam

divs created via Oxygen‘s Column element will have 20px padding by default on all the 4 sides.

Interestingly, these values appear as 0 at Advanced > Size & Spacing. But to actually set them to 0, you would need to enter 0 in the padding control fields.

This will work only with the ID selected but not a class (if there’s one set) because the class-attached CSS generates a less specific selector than what Oxygen includes out of the box – .ct-new-columns > .ct-div-block.

If you want to set them to 0 globally, add the following in your CSS (Manage > Stylesheets):

.ct-new-columns > .ct-div-block {
  padding: 0;

A better approach would be to selectively add a class of say, no-padding to only those column elements that should not have padding (for the child divs) via the following CSS:

.ct-new-columns.no-padding > .ct-div-block {
  padding: 0;