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Published on Nov 13, 2021

List of Cloneable Group Data from Settings Page with Meta Box

Sridhar Katakam

This members-only tutorial provides the steps to output the values of sub-fields of a cloneable group that is attached to a Settings page when using Meta Box.

We are going to

  • create a settings page
  • create a field group attached to the above settings page
  • add a "Group" type of field in the field group having these sub-fields: text, author and image
  • set the Group field to be cloneable
  • on the settings page in the backend, populate the field group with a few sets of data (two in the screenshot below)
  • write code to loop through the Group field's sets, pull the sub-fields' values and output them like this:

Update: A slight variation of the code for displaying one random set of group field's sub fields is provided at the end.

Step 1 – Register a Settings page

Install and activate Meta Box.

Next, install and activate either MB Settings Page + Meta Box Builder or Meta Box AIO.

Go to Meta Box > Settings Pages and click New Settings Page.

Give it a title of say, "Options". This is only for organizational purpose and won’t be used in the code.

Option name: my_options

Select the gear (cog) icon.

Settings Page ID: my-options

Step 2 – Register a field group

Let's create a field group for our settings page.

Note: An export file from my demo site can be downloaded from here. Manual set up details below.

Go to Meta Box > Custom Fields and click Add New.

Give a title of say, "Sitewide".

Add a field of type "Group".

ID: quote

Tick "Cloneable".

Add these sub fields:

  1. quote_text - "WYSIWYG Editor" type of field
  2. quote_author - "Text" type of field
  3. quote_image - "Single Image" type of field

click to expand

Set the field group to appear on the setting page created in the first step.

Note the sitewide_ string we have set as the Field ID prefix.

This means we can keep the ID of our fields simple like quote_text instead of sitewide_quote_text when adding the fields. In a later step when it is time to refer to the field, we need to use sitewide_quote_text even if the field ID appears as quote_text in the interface.

Step 3 – Populate the field group

Click Options in the WP admin left menu and populate the fields.

Step 4 - PHP

If using Oxygen, edit the Page where you want to show the output with Oxygen.

Add a Section and inside that a Code Block.


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