Update on July 23, 2019

This plugin is now in the WordPress repository here.

Rank Math is a fantastic SEO plugin that is a great alternative to Yoast.

Rank Math SEO has recently released an API using which content from other themes and plugins can be set to be analyzed by Rank Math.

I have built a plugin using this API and the code built-in into Oxygen for integration with Yoast.

Using this connector plugin will enable Rank Math to parse text (incl. alt tags of images) inside the Oxygen editor for Pages and Posts.

There are no settings for the plugin. Just install and activate to make Rank Math include Oxygen in its content analysis.


Download the plugin from Github

If you would like to see this integration in Oxygen natively, upvote the feature request here.


This plugin has been set to read content from the WordPress editor AND the Oxygen editor for inclusion in Rank Math’s SEO analysis.

Therefore, you are advised to not have the same content in both these places.





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7 comments on “Oxygen Rank Math Plugin”

  1. Yeah buddy you have solved my problem I was looking for this one only I encountered your blog post on Facebook you are really adding a value to the SEO community

  2. The problem I have with RankMath is that it is slowing the back-end tremendously. When I edit a page, and start from the WordPress (classic) editor, it takes about 1 minute until things are clickable. When performing a modification within the RankMath options, again, it takes forever until they are editable and another forever until the “update” button becomes clickable so that I save the settings for that page. Any suggestions?

      1. Well, I have uninstalled Rank Math and added SOPress instead. The problem is still there, so I guess it is Oxygen-related. I will post it on GitHub.

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