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Published on Nov 27, 2022

Previous and Next Buttons Inside Oxygen Tabs

Sridhar Katakam

This members-only tutorial shows how we can set up previous and next buttons inside Oxygen's tabs content that enables visitors to navigate to the previous and next tabs respectively.

Step 1

Add a Section and inside that a Tabs component.

Wrap the Tabs div that gets added in a Div and move the Tabs Content also inside it.

Assign a class of has-tab-navigation to this Div.

Width: 100%
Max-width: 600px
Margin on left and right: auto

Edit the tab titles and contents as needed.

Step 2

Add a Div inside the first Tab Content having two Buttons.

Give the top Button a class of prev-tab.

Set the URL to #.

Content: โ† Prev Tab

Give the bottom Button a class of next-tab.

Set the URL to #.

Content: Next Tab โ†’

Duplicate this buttons' Div and place it inside each Tab Content after your tab content element(s).

Step 3

If you'd like the tabs to look like real tabs, add the CSS from Step 2 of our Styling and Mobile Accordion for Oxygen Tabs tutorial.

Step 4

Add a Code Block as the last element in your structure.


	// echo "hello world!";


.has-tab-navigation .oxy-tab-content:first-child .prev-tab.ct-link-button,
.has-tab-navigation .oxy-tab-content:last-child .next-tab.ct-link-button {
  background-color: #ddd;
  color: #ccc;
  border-color: transparent;


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