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Published on Dec 2, 2019

Starter Oxygen Template for WooCommerce Single Products

Sridhar Katakam

This members-only tutorial provides the steps to set up a Template in Oxygen that applies to WooCommerce single products that is made up of individual components vs the default Product Builder where it is not possible to make changes without rebuilding it entirely.

Adding the Product Builder component inside a Section in the Template for single products will result in:

Now let's say you want to add or delete one of the elements from the above or adjust the spacing it is not possible unless we re-build the layout and add individual components before we can make any changes.

I have re-created this layout using separate components and am going to share the generated shortcodes so you can quickly paste these in the Template and begin customizing the layout.

Note: Tested in Atomic design set.

Step 1

Go to Oxygen > Templates.

Create/edit the Template that applies to Singular Products.

Click on + Shortcodes.

Copy the existing shortcodes (if present) and save them as a backup.

Replace all the shortcodes with:

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