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Published on Mar 10, 2021

Unofficial Oxygen User Community

Sridhar Katakam

I have started a new “Unofficial Oxygen User Community” group in Facebook as a place to discuss, get help, and informally hang out with those interested in or are users of Oxygen site builder for WordPress.

The main differentiator from the official group is that no complaints, rants, or negative vibes are entertained here. The usual stuff like use common sense, be polite, no affiliate links, no spam etc. still applies.

Important members of the community will be made moderators (if they want). These are (in alphabetical order), for now:

  • Alexander  Buzmakov – yes, there’s a double space between his first and last names. When asked about it, he said it could be a Facebook pixel spying on him. Ha!
  • Jonathan Jernigan – The smooth operator of Oxygen.
  • Matt Hias – I do not frankly know why he does not charge for his awesome code solutions and snippets.
  • Mohammed Wasim Akram – He keeps churning out quality content as fast as the legendary fast bowler of his namesake could bowl yorkers.
  • Supa Mike – The design genius of the Oxygen community.

This list is not complete and something to get started with. Deserving contributors will be made admins in time if the group takes off.

Being unofficial, you can expect the group to be more relaxed but less active compared to the official one. The official group is still the place to go/be in and post generally speaking.

Lastly, there’s also an active WPDevDesign Facebook group mainly for this site’s members.