This members-only tutorial provides the steps to display x number of entries of event custom post type where event_date custom field (of Date Picker or Date Time Picker type) is greater than today i.e., future events ordered by the latest (event date) entries in descending order.

We shall use pre_get_posts in a Code Block above Oxygen's Repeater component which is set to use a manual query.

Note: This tutorial is primarily meant for secondary queries on static Pages and not on the events CPT archive. You can still use the relevant pre_get_posts code but that needs to go in a Code Snippet or a custom functionality plugin. Plus more importantly, the Repeater's query should be left at Default in that case i.e., for the main query.

Step 1

In the Oxygen editor add a Section and inside that a Heading with the text "Upcoming Events".

Add a Repeater and set the query to manual having:


Click the Div inside the Repeater and add the linked event title, event date and any other relevant info as needed.

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