This tutorial provides the steps to use WP Video Popup plugin to display a YouTube or Vimeo video in a responsive lightbox popup in Oxygen.

Note: This plugin does not work with self-hosted (mp4) videos. Follow this tutorial for launching mp4s in a lightbox.

Live Demo

Step 1

Install and activate WP Video Popup.

Step 2

Edit your Page/Template in Oxygen editor having the button that should launch the video lightbox.

+ Add > WordPress > Shortcode.

Paste the following shortcode and replace the video id at the end with your desired video.

[wp-video-popup video=""]

It does not matter where the shortcode is placed as long as it is on the same page as the button.

Step 3

Click on the button/text link that should launch the video popup and add this class: wp-video-popup.

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