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Published on Jul 24, 2018

What’s coming in Oxygen 2.1

Sridhar Katakam

Below is a list of new features/fixes that are most likely going to be included in Oxygen 2.1 based on the information that was posted in Oxygen’s Facebook group and Slack workspace.

Note: This is not an official statement or an exhaustive list.

[Feature] Selectable HTML5 tags

A major bummer in Oxygen 2.0 is not being able to set the HTML tags for elements like Sections.

With Oxygen 2.1, we can set the HTML tag from a dropdown depending on the type of the element (Section, Div, Text, Code Block).

Section elements will be a section tag by default.

Header Builder element will automatically be a header tag.

Menu element will automatically be a nav tag.

Watch this video shared by Louis to see these in action

[Feature] Global Colors

Global color palette sets? Yes please.

[Feature] Sticky header on mobile widths

In 2.0, it is currently not possible to have a sticky at the smallest mobile setting without adding additional CSS.

The missing “below 480 / always” option for sticky Header Builder will be included in 2.1.

[Feature] Hamburger menu icon on desktops

Louis replied

“This is coming in 2.1.”

in response to

“Hi, anyone have code to show hamburger on desktop view (instead of only when screen width is smaller)?”.

[Feature] Infinite option in Slider

Louis said:

We’re adding the “infinite” option to Unslider in 2.1 so it will continue in the same direction when you get to the end.

[Bug Fix] Notice messages

With WP_DEBUG turned on, several notices appear on the frontend.

These are slated to be fixed in 2.1.

[Bug Fix] Compatibility with Elegant Custom Fonts

There is apparently a bug in Oxygen where sometimes custom fonts added in ECF are attempted to be loaded from Google Fonts. This will be fixed in 2.1.

[Bug Fix] Console errors in non-English languages

Apparently, there is a coding error that did not account for ' character in widget titles.

This throws errors that can be seen in the browser console in some languges other than English like Dutch. Slack discussion.

This should be fixed in 2.1.


Do let me know if I have missed any.

Remember that the official channel to report bugs and to request for new features is the Oxygen forums.

There is no public ETA for 2.1’s release.