This tutorial provides the steps to add previous and next post links on single post pages in Oxygen.

Step 1

Edit your Oxygen template for single blog posts.

Step 2

Add a Section where you want the previous and next post links to appear.

Add a Columns element with 50 50 column layout.

Add a Code Block element in the left column having:

<?php previous_post_link(); ?>

Add a Code Block element in the right column having:

<?php next_post_link(); ?>

Select the right column div and set Right horizontal item alignment.


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For adding code blocks wrap the code in three backticks. Markdown should work.
Provide a URL of your site/webpage if something is not working.

9 comments on “How to add links to Previous and Next Posts in Oxygen”

  1. Love your stuff! I just tried this and the left worked perfectly but the right code wasn’t accepted in O2.


    1. Can you elaborate? When you say not accepted, does it show an error or not show anything at all? Perhaps that is because you are viewing the most recent post? Try viewing a post that has both previous and next posts.

  2. Ohhh, great point! I was, Sridhar. Thanks SO much for the explanation.

    I just did my entire site this weekend in Oxygen builder and love it.

    Thanks again.

  3. Thanks! I’m going to book some time with you – I have a few (very minor) things to clean up.

    I so appreciate your compliment – it means a lot coming from you!

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