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Published on Aug 14, 2018

Oxygen Mobile Menu Customizations

Sridhar Katakam

This tutorial provides the CSS code to set auto height for the mobile menu (vs the default full screen) in Oxygen.

Add this CSS:

/* Mobile Nav */

@media only screen and (max-width: 768px) {

    body {
        position: relative;

    .admin-bar .oxy-menu-toggle {
        top: 66px;

    .oxy-nav-menu {
        transition: all 0.35s ease;

    .oxy-nav-menu.oxy-nav-menu-open {
        display: block;
        bottom: auto;
            background-color: #fafafa;
            border-bottom: 1px solid #ddd;

    .oxy-nav-menu.oxy-nav-menu-open .oxy-nav-menu-list .menu-item a {
        justify-content: flex-start;

    .oxy-nav-menu.oxy-nav-menu-open.oxy-nav-menu-responsive-dropdowns .menu-item .sub-menu {
        padding-left: 20px;

    .oxy-nav-menu.oxy-nav-menu-open .sub-menu .menu-item a {
        padding-top: 0 !important;


Change 768px to the width at which your regular nav collapses into a mobile menu.


If you want the hamburger menu icon to be fixed and always be visible, add the following additionally inside your media query (768px in the above example):

.oxy-menu-toggle {
    position: fixed;
    top: 20px;
    right: 20px;
    padding: 10px;
    border: 1px solid #6799b2;
    border-radius: 2px;
    background-color: #fff;

.oxy-nav-menu-open .oxy-menu-toggle {
    position: static;
    border: none;
    padding: 0;

.oxy-header-wrapper {
    position: static;

.oxy-nav-menu-prevent-overflow {
    height: auto;