Looking to display the mobile hamburger menu icon all the time in your Oxygen site?

Just add this CSS:

.oxy-menu-toggle {
    display: block;

.oxy-menu-toggle+div {
    display: none;

.oxy-nav-menu-open .oxy-menu-toggle+div {
    display: block;

You might want to select the Menu element and go to Mobile Responsive > Menu Styles to set a Link Hover Color in case you find that menu items in the overlay are not visible (white on white) when hovered.

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4 comments on “How to always show hamburger menu icon in Oxygen”

  1. Hi Sridhar – Thanks for this tutorial.
    I’m trying to use it to make my sticky menu into a hamburger… and I’m nearly there, but showing the menu toggle all the time seems to force it to add the class oxy-nav-menu-prevent-overflow which stops the page scrolling. Any idea how to stop this?

  2. Hello, I’m adding this code to the menu custom css area. I’m getting this error. “The Custom CSS field contains one or more curly braces. The CSS will not be saved until all curly braces are removed.”

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