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Published on Mar 9, 2020

Recommended Plugins for Oxygen

Sridhar Katakam

This article lists some plugins commonly used by Oxygen users.

Needless to say, not every plugin is needed for every site. But this list should give you a general idea of the recommended plugins if you are using Oxygen for building WordPress sites.

Code Snippets

Oxygen or not, this is a neat plugin for adding code snippets that can easily be activated/deactivated that apply everywhere on the backend or frontend etc.

Check out Code Snippets

My Custom Functionality

Sooner or later you will be wondering how to load custom assets (like JS and CSS files) in Oxygen.

Since Oxygen disables the theme, the recommended approach to enqueue files is by using a custom functionality plugin.

Check out My Custom Functionality

Insert Headers and Footers

Got code that should be added to your site pages’ head and/or footer like Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics?

You can do that using either of the above two plugins or a plugin built specifically for this purpose.

Check out Insert Headers and Footers

Oxy Toolbox

Built by Gagan and me, this includes a super suite of features bundled into one great modular plugin. A few highlights include undo/redo, copy/move styles from ID to class, cleaning up of unused classes, editor tweaks, reading progress bar, back to top, table of contents, one-click direct editing links to Templates and Pages in the WP toolbar.

Check out Oxy Toolbox

Hydrogen Pack

Copy any element including a whole Section within the same page or the same site to a totally different Oxygen site. Whaaa? Yes. This plugin gives you some super powers like that. And it adds a right click menu and keyboard shortcuts and some more.

Check out Hydrogen Pack


The first plugin to extend Oxygen editor by adding additional components, OxyExtras is a must-have if you want to save time by using ready-made elements like Animated Counters, Off Canvas menus, Alert Boxes, Header Search, Adjacent Posts and Lottie animations. It even has a component that lets you style Fluent Forms visually right inside the builder.

Check out OxyExtras

Oxy Ultimate

Oxy Ultimate is another plugin that adds additional components in the Oxygen builder like ACF Gallery, Fancy Heading, Gravity Forms Styler.

Check out Oxy Ultimate

Editor Enhancer

A very popular plugin that enhances the UI of Oxygen with time-saving tweaks and features.

Check out Editor Enhancer free version

Check out Editor Enhancer Pro version


Microthemer lets you visually edit CSS by point and click. It is like Oxygen’s Selector Detector on steroids.

Has support for Sass, CSS Grid and Oxygen!

Check out Microthemer


Nimbufy is a plugin + service that lets you import entire sections from any webpage into Oxygen while creating the elements like divs and links in Oxygen’s structure.

Check out Nimbufy

Oxygen Theme Enabler

Makes it possible to use the active WordPress theme when Oxygen is active. I spent about a week building this.

We can set pages to be rendered using Oxygen or the active theme on most of the site’s pages while using the other on select pages.

Check out Oxygen Theme Enabler

Oxy Transfer Pro

Lets you export and import Oxygen’s Templates, Pages, Design Sets and Oxygen Blocks as zip files.

Check out Oxy Transfer Pro

All-in-One WP Migration

There has not been a single time in the last 2 years of me using Oxygen when this plugin has failed me when I wanted to restore a copy of a WordPress site to another location. Just remember to re-sign the shortcodes and regenerate CSS cache after migration.

Check out All-in-One WP Migration

Fluent Forms

There is not a week without someone asking which is the best forms plugin in the Oxygen Facebook group.

Fluent Forms is a rapidly evolving WordPress forms plugin that is lightweight, feature-rich and comes with good documentation and support.

Check out Fluent Forms

In addition to the above, there are several plugins built specifically for Oxygen.

Let’s take a look at these.

by David Browne

by David Decker

by Fadlul Alim

by Gagan S Goraya

  • Oxygen-checkpoints – lets you create checkpoints of your Oxygen state in the builder and revert to any checkpoint anytime.

by Marko Krstic

by Michaël Thomas aka SupaMike

  • Load Oxygen Locally – includes files that Oxygen loads from the Internet so Oxygen can be used without net connection.

by Sridhar Katakam

by WaaS.PRO

by Wade Koehn

If there are any that we have missed, do share in the comments or in our Facebook group.