In a recent project I worked on, the requirement was to loop through all the industries and for each industry show related markets and focus areas.

This members-only tutorial provides the details of setting this up.

CPT: product


  • industry
  • market
  • focus_area

Custom fields for industry taxonomy:

  • industry_image (Image-type with Image ID return format)
  • markets_selector (Taxonomy-type)
  • focus_areas_selector (Taxonomy-type)
"Chemicals" industry with its custom fields populated

Further more, industry content divs should be collapsed for all but the first industry by default on page load.

on a static Page on the frontend

Step 1

Set up the custom field group.

Screenshot (mirror)

ACF export file (mirror)

Step 2

Edit the Page on which taxonomy term links of market and focus_area are to be shown for each industry with Oxygen.

Add a Code Block.

Set width to 100%.


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