Did not meet your project deadline? Re-sign shortcodes.

Left your phone in the washing machine? Re-sign shortcodes.

Missed your connecting flight? Re-sign shortcodes.

Not earning enough income to afford a high-end lifestyle? Re-sign shortcodes.

Wife eloped with another woman? Re-sign shortcodes.

Migrated an Oxygen site and find headers/footers missing and other things not working? Re-sign shortcodes.


Make a full backup of your site using a plugin like All-in-One WP Migration.

Go to Oxygen > Settings > Security.

Click on Sign All Shortcodes.

Tick “I have made a complete backup of my site.

Click “Start shortcodes signing process“.

Re-sign shortcodes and make your life complete!


Individual results may vary. Re-signing shortcodes definitely works to fix the post-migration issues in an Oxygen site. Can not guarantee other claims stated earlier. Read Product Disclosure Statement for further information.

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