This members-only tutorial provides the steps to set up a responsive hero section in Oxygen with text overlaid on top.

We shall use an <img> element vs setting an image as cover background to ensure proportional scaling of the image.

At a smaller breakpoint, the text will be set to appear below the image.

Step 1

Edit your Page/Template in Oxygen in which you would like to add the responsive image with text overlay.

Step 2

Add a Section.

Text Color: #ffffff

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4 comments on “Responsive hero image with text overlay in Oxygen”

  1. hi sridhar…
    I just added this to a page and thought I followed everything – went over it 3 x – but something weird is going on – there’s a transparent grey going beyond the image into the page on desktop and iphone – inspector is showing that its the background in the :before section – Also, when you hover over it, the type and the fill disappears. and I can’t get the headline to center… can you guide me? website is:

    Thank you!

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