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Published on Jan 31, 2020

Show Only Future Events (CPT) with the Repeater in Oxygen

David Browne

If we have a custom post type 'Events' with a custom field for the event date, we may want to show a list of just the events that are in the future using the repeater or easy posts. This premium tutorial walks through how we can do exactly that.

For this tutorial, let's assume our custom post type is 'Events' and we have set up an event start date using Advanced Custom Fields. The field type is a date picker and the name of the field is 'event_date'.

Displaying the Events in Oxygen

Using the repeater settings, we can set the query to custom and change the post type to Events. This will show all of the events that are published.

We can design the repeater however we see fit.

Filtering the Results by Event Date

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