Looking to use Revolution Slider in your Oxygen site?

Just grab the slider's shortcode and paste it in a Shortcode element in the Oxygen editor and set the element's width to 100%.


Step 1

Go to Slider Revolution menu in your WordPress dashboard and create a new slider or add one from a template.

Hover on the slider you want to embed in the Oxygen editor, click on the down pointing arrow and click on "+ Embed Slider".

Copy the shortcode shown in the popup. It should be something like

[rev_slider alias="main-feature-slider"]

Step 2

Edit your Page/Template in Oxygen editor.

+Add > Section. For a full width edge-to-edge slider, go to Advanced > Size & Spacing and set Container Padding to 0 on all the sides and the Section Container Width to full-width.

+Add > WordPress > Shortcode.

Paste in the shortcode in the "Full shortcode" field.

Go to Advanced > Size & Spacing and set the Width to 100%.

That's it!

The slider does not appear in the editor but it should in the frontend.

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